2020 CADCA Abby Beausir Highlight

February 6, 2020

On February 6, 2020, PF! Manager of Community Outreach, Abby Beausir, presented at CADCA’s National Leadership Forum on the Highlights of Community Change: Reducing Youth Access to Alcohol through Policy and Advocacy. The training session covered community change strategies to reduce youth access to alcohol through online grocery pick up services in Boone County, Kentucky. Abby shared information on the survey she conducted with Boone County Alliance for Healthy Youth on compliance for policies around alcohol purchased through online grocer pick up services, for instance Kroger’s Pick Up service, formerly Click List. Coalition leaders from across the nation attended the session and learned valuable information on how to evaluate alcohol purchasing practices in their community. As communities continue to increase access for purchasing alcohol, for instance through online pick up services and home delivery, community norms and laws tend to favor alcohol use which can increase youth access and usage of alcohol. Communities need to understand their current practices and regulations around alcohol and how to evaluate compliance in order to reduce youth access.