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Center for Community Engagement

About this Center

The Center for Community Engagement helps build, strengthen and support substance use/misuse prevention programs, partnerships, and coalitions through training, technical assistance and seed funding.

PreventionFIRST! establishes and supports local, grassroots community substance use/misuse prevention coalitions in neighborhoods across the Tristate.

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What is a Coalition?
A coalition is a group of individuals and groups representing a variety of sectors in any given community. This group works collaboratively to design and implement comprehensive, community wide substance use/misuse prevention strategies. These strategies are intended to change community norms and standards of conduct related to substance use within the community. A coalition is not known so much as an individual entity, but the sum of its total membership.

12 Community Sectors

Community Sectors

Coalitions are comprised of members from 12 community sectors. 

  • youth
  • parents
  • businesses
  • media
  • schools
  • youth serving organizations
  • law enforcement
  • substance abuse treatment
  • religious organizations
  • civic organizations
  • health care professionals
  • governmental agencies

Center for Community Engagement
Leadership Team

The CCE Leadership Team provides expertise and leadership to build behavioral health prevention capacity in communities across the Tristate region.

  • Assess and monitor the level of development among member coalitions across the region
  • Build the awareness and capacity of community constituents to participate in a local neighborhood coalition
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to address the identified gaps in development among member coalitions and sectors
  • Leverage state and national resources for use on the regional level and through the local member coalitions¬†

For More Information:

Amanda Conn Starner, MS, CHES, OCPS
Senior Director
513-751-8000 ext. 13