LGBTQIA+ Terminology 101

Jan 28, 2022
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Josh Egeland, BA, LSW
LGBTQ+ Program Liaison, Daybreak Dayton



This training covers the acronyms SOGI/SOGIE and LGBTQIA+, including a breakdown of each term encompassed by these acronyms. The material in this training is designed to enhance the knowledge base, awareness, and comprehension of service providers, educators, and systems representatives interacting with gender/orientation-diverse populations. The content of this training also includes education on risk factors stemming from non-affirming practices, as well as outlining best practices for becoming a SOGIE-affirming provider and incorporating cultural humility/cultural competency in agency work.



  1. Participants will be able to identify and define each of the terms represented in the acronym LGBTQIA.
  2. Participants will increase knowledge and understanding of the terms SOGI/SOGIE, in order to reinforce the collection of relevant and accurate SOGI/SOGIE data by service providers.
  3. Participants will understand significance of correct personal pronoun usage, and will increase comfort level with correct pronoun usage in everyday settings.

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