Center for Prevention Action

School Empowerment

PreventionFIRST! works with school districts to create and implement a comprehensive, evidence-based substance use/misuse prevention plan focused on:

  • School Policy
  • Staff Development
  • Student Education
  • Peer-to-Peer Leadership
  • Parent Education
  • Early Identification and Referral
  • Community Partnerships

Additionally, PreventionFIRST! can:

  • Assist with assessment, analysis of the problem (facilitate student surveys; focus groups)
  • Provide prevention education for administration, faculty/staff, parents, students
  • Assist with development of logic model/strategic action planĀ 
  • Assist with development/review of school policy
  • Connect to resources (Evidence-based programs; prevention across the curriculum, etc.)
  • Facilitate of evidence-based strategiesĀ 
  • Assist with evaluation (Set benchmarks, trend student survey data, monitor progress)