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Change the game ohio

Change The Game Ohio 

Help Stop Problem Gambling Before It Starts

Children who gamble before the age of 12 are at 4 times greater risk to develop a gambling problem later in life. Change the Game was created to raise awareness of the sheer amount of gambling behaviors that our youth are being exposed to every single day. Exposure to gambling can happen innocently enough, from things like family poker nights or buying lottery tickets as gifts. Some kids start to participate in Fantasy Sports betting after seeing their parents or elders participate in work or neighborhood leagues.

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Change the Game Ohio

Get Set Before You Bet 

Launched with funding and support from Ohio for Responsible Gambling and the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, Get Set Before You Bet is an award-winning campaign to raise awareness about the signs of problem gambling and provide resources on how to gamble responsibly.

The campaign’s tagline encourages taking care of one’s health and financial responsibilities before gambling, and the name refers to the percentage of gamblers who do so without experiencing problem gambling.

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Get Set Before You Bet

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