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Vaping Q&A 

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You'll learn the basics of vapes, concerns about youth use, and ways communities can reduce/prevent use.

All About that Vape
Peer-to-Peer Curriculum

Adapted from the Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit and the Catch My Breath Prevention ProgramAll About that Vape is a 45-60 minute peer-to-peer education presentation focused electronic vapor products and e-cigarette use among youth.

PreventionFIRST!’s youth empowerment team works with student leaders to implement this curriculum in grades 7-12. All About that Vape is fun opportunity for high school students to gain experience in public speaking and learn about substance use prevention.

All About that Vape is an effective, activity-based training addressing:

1. Impact of nicotine tolerance/addiction on physical, emotional, and social health

2. Misinformation and marketing tactics used by vape companies

3. Refusal skills related to peer pressure

4. Resources for quitting and supporting others in quitting nicotine 

Ohio Department of Health Anti-Vaping Video Contest for High School Seniors

Deadline: November 6, 2020

For more information or to enter, visit:

For More Information:
Jessie Richardson, Program Coordinator
513-751-8000 ext. 15