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PF! Building Prevention with Faith
Toolkit & Training

Many individuals and families rely on their faith community for support, connection, help, referral, and personal/spiritual growth. Often faith organizations are structured and positioned to be a strong base for prevention efforts and have the capacity to increase protective factors for youth.

However, many places of worship do not recognize the important and powerful role they can and do play in reducing substance use/misuse in youth and adults. 

The PF! Building Prevention with Faith Toolkit is an organized collection of materials and resources that prepare a faith community to provide effective substance misuse prevention activities within the context of their faith tradition. The toolkit and corresponding training are prevention focused.

The goals of our faithbased prevention:

  • Provide members of the faith community with substance use/misuse prevention education
  • Build relationships among faith community leaders from various denominations and prevention professionals
  • Distribute the PF! Building Prevention with Faith Toolkit and provide training to support its use

For More Information:

Amanda Conn Starner, MS, CHES, OCPS
Senior Director
513-751-8000 ext. 13

Faithbased Tool Kit