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PF! Student Survey

The PreventionFIRST! (PF!) Student Survey is a youth survey administered by PreventionFIRST! every other year, asking questions in regards to demographics, substance use, gambling, and other lifestyle habits and behaviors. Every school in the tri-state area is invited to take the survey. For 20 years, school districts and communities have been using SDUS data to better the lives of youth.

The PF! Student Survey is a valuable tool to help understand the scope of substance use, attitudes about substance use, and determine the strengths and gaps of existing policies/programs in schools and communities.

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PF! Student Survey 2018


  • 2018 Student Drug Use Survey press release
  • 2018 Student Drug Use Survey aggregate findings (powerpoint)
  • 2018 Student Drug Use Survey summary one-pager
  • 2018 Student Drug Use Survey Tool


2018 Community One Pagers

  • Type of substance
  • By Age
  • Age of First Use
  • Butler County: SDUS 2018
  • Clermont County: SDUS 2018
  • Clinton County: SDUS 2018
  • Hamilton County: SDUS 2018
  • Highland County: SDUS 2018
  • Warren County: SDUS 2018018