About Us

Who We Are

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: PreventionFIRST! implements best practice strategies to reduce the risk of behavioral health disorders. 

Our Vision: All communities apply prevention strategies in every stage of life. 

Core Values

Engage with local coalitions and individuals

Help people find their role in prevention 

Decisions/programs based on data and need

Long-term, lasting resource for the community

Our Goals

1. Ensure data-driven decision-making across all prevention initiatives

  • 5% increase in students taking the 2022 PF! Student Survey
  • All programs and grants have end-of-project evaluation reports

2. Support community engagement

  • Develop one new coalition based on the 2022 PF! Student Survey or other local data sources
  • One existing coalition advances to incubation status
  • One existing coalition advances to independent development status

3. Implement evidence-based prevention by building and strengthening capacity across community sectors

  • 50% of schools in our service region receive prevention training
  • Increase media impressions by 50%
  • Increase marijuana prevention funding by $25,000 to prevent teen use
  • Decrease the past 30-day use of alcohol by 1% (16.6% to 15.6%) in 12-18-year-olds as measured by the 2022 PF! Student Survey by June 30,2022
  • Increase the number of 18-20-year-olds who have never used alcohol in the past 30-days by 1%(15.3%to16.3%) as measured by the 2022 American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment (ACHA) by June 30, 2022

4. Increase prevention system infrastructure by providing training, technical assistance, and mentoring through the PF! TrainingHUB!

  • 60% of professionals providing prevention strategies have attended a PF! training
  • Increase the number of organizations contracting with PF! for technical assistance and/or training as a fee for service
  • Increase the number of professionals mentored by PF! for the Ohio Prevention Credential
  • Increase the number of organizations using PF! to provide continuing education hours (Certified Health Education Specialist(CHES) & Ohio Certified Prevention credentials

5. Grow organizational resources

  • Increase financial support through fee for service opportunities, grants, foundations, and individual, current/past Board members, corporation, and organizational donations
  • Maintain 18 - 20 individuals on the PF! Board of Directors through annual nominations and term renewal
  • Recruit and develop volunteers who provide in-kind support to PF! programming
  • Develop marketing strategies tools, and metrics that promote the organization

PF! Strategic Plan Summary One Pager 

FY2020 Annual Report

FY2019 Annual Report

FY2018 Annual Report

FY2017 Annual Report