About Us

Who We Are

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to promote healthy behaviors by sparking and sustaining community change.

Our Vision is that people make healthy choices in every stage of life.

Our Goals

Ensure data-driven decision-making for prevention action  

- Measure the impact of our work & that of our partners
- Conduct a biannual Student Survey 
- Produce comprehensive assessments to understand problems & related social consequences
- Evaluate short/long term outcomes

Strengthen & support community level substance use/misuse prevention efforts

- Establish new and support developing coalitions 
- Provide evidence-based prevention training/technical assistance to communities & partners
- Identify, build, and maintain relationships with organizations doing prevention work

Promote collaboration across community sectors to implement evidence-based prevention

- Implement prevention strategies to change social acceptability, access/availability, media  messaging/promotion, and policy/enforcement 
- Focus efforts on identified substance use/misuse problems among youth: underage drinking, marijuana use & prescription/over-the-counter drug misuse

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