How To Use the PF! 'Building Prevention With Faith' Toolkit

Jul 17, 2020
11:30 am - 12:00 pm
PF! Faithbased Took Kit

Learn how the PF! Building Prevention With Faith Toolkit can be used to engage faith communities in prevention work and connect this important community sector to your coalition.

Many individuals and families rely on their faith community for support, connection, help, and personal/spiritual growth. Often faith organizations are structured and positioned to be a strong base for prevention efforts and have the capacity to increase protective factors for youth. However, many places of worship do not recognize the important and powerful role they can and do play in reducing substance use/misuse in youth and adults. This PF! Building Prevention With Faith Toolkit is a valuable resource for leaders and members of a faith community interested in growing prevention in their organization and for coalitions striving to develop or enrich their relationship with the faith sector.