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Substance Use Among LGBTQ Youth & Young Adults: Targets for Prevention & Intervention

Sep 28, 2021
All, Virtual Trainings, Coalition Academy

Jessica Fish, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Health
University of Maryland

LGBTQ people report elevated rates of substance use relative to their heterosexual and cisgender peers. These disparities are largely attributed to minority stress (e.g., stigma, discrimination), but recent research show how unique cognitive and community features may elevate risk for substance use among LGBTQ populations. This talk will review the recent research on risk for alcohol and substance use among LGBTQ youth and young adults. We will also review the factors that influence substance use among LGBTQ people in an effort to help inform population-specific prevention and intervention strategies to address these disparities.

1. Demonstrate knowledge of substance use disparities between LGBTQ and heterosexual, cisgender youth
2. Name minority-specific and normative mechanisms underlying LGBTQ-related disparities in substance use
3. Discuss LGBTQ-specific considerations for treatment and prevention with LGBTQ youth and young adults