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OCPS Test Prep: Preparing for the CPS Exam

Sep 29, 2021
All, Virtual Trainings, Coalition Academy

Jennifer Benson, BA, OCPC, ICPS, Consultant, Prevention Across the Ages

For prevention professionals in Ohio, prevention credentialing is a necessary step to ensure effective strategies are implemented. After the Registered Applicant and Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant credentials, professionals can apply for the Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist. This credential requires successful completion of the IC&RC Prevention Credentialing Exam. This workshop will explain the process of applying, offer resources for the exam and teach participants about test taking and study strategies.

1. Participants will be able to verbalize the requirements to apply for the OCPS test
2. Participants will know where to access resources that could be useful in preparation for the test as well as test taking strategies
3. Participants will learn how and what to study to be most successful