Volunteer Your Time, Expertise or Knowledge

One person giving the gift of time adds great value to an organization.  Many local partnering coalitions began with one person or a small group motivated to impact their community.  The Coalition offers high-level volunteer opportunities to contribute to initiatives and policies that significantly impact youth substance abuse prevention efforts in our community.

Why Volunteer with the Coalition?

  • 9 out of 10 Americans who are medically addicted to alcohol or drugs started using those substances prior to age 18. 2011 Study: National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.
  • 13 - Pivotal age when Cincinnati youth first use alcohol or drugs.  2012 Student Drug Use Survey
  • $1 – invested in prevention can yield up to $18 savings in costs related to substance abuse disorders.   Office of National Drug Control Policy

How to Get Involved:

1.  Join a committee or workgroup.  The Coalition has several committees and workgroups comprised of board members and community members.

  • Prevention Science Committee:  Collects and disseminates data for use by PreventionFIRST! and local constituents such as schools and local member coalitions to ensure data-based prevention strategies and decisions.  Includes the biennial Student Drug Use Survey.
  • Prevention Action Committee:  Umbrella committee to sub-workgroups that identify and implement best practices, programs and policies to engage multiple community sectors (such as kids, parents, schools, business, law enforcement, government, medical professionals,  media and service and faith-based organizations. 
           Subworkgroups are:  Public Awareness, Education and Support, and Community Change
  • Community Engagement Committee:  There are many steps to take and groundwork to lay before a community is ready to form and support a strong coalition.  This committee increases  community readiness for a coalition that can significantly impact youth substance use.

2.  Join Or Form a Coalition.  Neighborhoods with coalitions see lower incidences of youth substance use.  There are 18 member coalitions and 12 in PreventionFIRST!'s service region.  The more community members active in a coalition, the stronger and more effective that coalition can be.   PreventionFIRTS! supports the formation and work of local coalitions from creation throughout their lifecycles. 

3.  Volunteer a Special Skill.  Do you have a special skill such as graphic design, marketing, communications or public relations?  We have periodic and on-going needs for specialized skills.  Donating a skill and your time can enhance ongoing Coalition work or allow us to undertake a special project.  Please let us know if y can help in this way.

4.  Join Our Annual Community Awards Spring Breakfast CommitteeThe Coalition welcomes help with our annual event held each April, including planning, logistics and event sponsorships. 

5.  Host a Fundraising or Awareness Raising Event. Get involved and help spread the word about the Coalition.  Host a fun fundraising or friendraising event such as a house party, raffle, walk-a-thon, bake sale or other agreed upon event you are interested in.  Host a Facebook page or social media campaign to fundraise or spotlight PreventionFIRST! so you friends, neighbors and colleagues can know about us, too.

6.  Help With One-Time Volunteer Opportunities. We have occasional need for help with one-time volunteer opportunities such as conferences, workshops, fairs, staffing tables at community events or mailings.

Youth substance use not only affects individual kids, but also their families and communities.  It is our responsibility to each other to help our kids navigate these difficult choices.

To get involved, click here.