Coalition Strategies


Center for Prevention Action Leadership Team and Action Teams

The primary function of the Center for Prevention Action Leadership Team is to provide leadership to ensure coordination of best programs practices and policies across multiple community sectors related to the identified local conditions targeted for change. The leadership team is responsible for:

  1. Reviewing the comprehensive youth substance abuse assessments. 
  2. Developing logic models/roadmaps for each identified substance aubse problem.
  3. Ensuring Action Team action plans are in alignment with the logic models.
  4. Evaluating effectiveness of Action Team strategies.

Leadership Team Members

The volunteer members of this leadership team provide expertise and knowledge in communications, education, policy, and systems change.

Get Involved!

One person wanting to create change in their community, willing to give time, can bring great value to an organization.  For parents, students and community citizens who would like to become involved in the program-oriented part of the Coalition’s Services, consider volunteering for a work group or project team.

To find out more information, contact Nicole Schiesler, Director, Coalition Strategies, at 513-751-8000 or