Coalition Strategies


Center for Community Engagement Leadership Team

The primary function of PreventionFIRST!'s Center for Community Engagement Leadership Team is to provide leadership to build behavioral health prevention capacity in communities across the Tristate region.

Some of the duties CCE carries out over the course of a year include assessing and monitoring the level of development among member coalitions across the region, building the awareness and capacity of community constituents to participate in a local neighborhood coalition, identifying and pursuing opportunities to address the identified gaps in development among member coalitions and sectors, leveraging state and national resources for use on the regional level and through the local member coalitions and preparing an annual plan of work.

CCE may represent a variety of community sectors which can include youth, youth-serving organizations, parents, businesses, media, schools, law enforcement, fire departments, religious or fraternal organizations, health care professionals, state/local agencies with expertise in the field of substance abuse, civic/volunteer groups, and other organizations.