Coalition Strategies


Non-medical Use of Prescription Drugs

The purpose of this area of focus is to identify and examine the conditions and variables that are indicators of the prescription/OTC drug abuse epidemic, and to highlight prevention efforts to help communities understand and address the issue. In alignment with the Coalitions mission, this addresses the prescription/OTC drug abuse epidemic issue across its three state, ten-county service region representing urban, suburban and rural areas.

Provide Information

If you are a coalition or community member, you can:

Build Skills

If you are a school, you can:

Reduce Access

PreventionFIRST! is committed to making our communities healthier. For your convenience, we have placed Rx Drug Boxes in a variety of local businesses for residents to safely dispose of expired or unused medications quickly an easisly!


Tichbein Pharmacy
3500 Erie Ave. 45208

Pharmacy Over the Rhine
5 E. Liberty St. #3 45202

Healing Springs Pharmacy
2449 Ross Millville Road, Suite 185 45013

Save Discount Drugs
716 Madison Ave. 41011

Deer Park Police Department
7777 Blue Ash Rd. 45236

If you are a parent or community member, you can:

  • Secure medications in a prescription drug lock box (Contact to order a prescription drug lock box at a discounted coaliton price)
  • Dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired medications at one of these locations: Drop Box Locations - Hamilton County
  • If you are intersted in having a drop box in your local pharmacy or police department, contact

If you are a Realtor, you can:

  • Provide your clients with prescription drug lock boxes to secure their medications during showings/after purchasing a new home (Contact to order a prescription drug lock box at a discounted coaliton price)

Modify Policy

If you are a prescriber, you can:

Other Methods

Ways Anyone Can Contribute:

Hamilton County, Clermont County, and Northern Kentucky Opiate Plans

Reversing the Tide: Hamilton County’s Response to the Opioid Epidemic

Northern Kentucky’s Collective Response

Breaking the Cycle: Clermont County’s Response to the Heroin and Rx Drug Epidemic

  •  Click on ‘Drug Overdose Prevention’, then on ‘Opiate Task Force Plan’