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Marijuana is one of the most divisive and controversial drugs in society today.  Because of a masterful marketing effort and a strong lobbying faction, marijuana is now approved in many states to be used “medicinally.”  Pro-marijuana advocates make claims of the effectiveness and natural quality of the Schedule I drug when describing it.  There are also claims that approving marijuana medicinally will cut down on crime and teen use.  However, these claims have never been proven.


PreventionFIRST! aims to provide information that dispels the myths about marijuana in order for community members to make informed decisions in regards to marijuana legalization.

For a current review of the literature on marijuana, click "Update on Cannabis and its medical use" by Dr. Bertha Madras. Dr. Nora Volkow provides a scientific framework based on research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the "Is Marijuana Medicine?" .

In March 2016, PreventionFIRST! provided testimony to the Ohio House of Representatives Medical Marijuana Task Force and the Ohio Senate Medical Marijuana Listening Sessions. 


The Drug-Free Action Alliance and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio, position on “medical marijuana” states that marijuana should be subject to the same research, consideration and study as any other potential medicine, under the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Legalizing marijuana for medical use should not be decided by legislative or voter initiative.

Click here for the "Marijuana as Medicine" policy paper and endorsement form. Visit Marijuana as Medicine Resource Section for more information.

Working Partners, Inc. has developed several short pieces on the impact medical and recreational marijuana would have on the workplace.

Marijuana Impact on Businesses

Legitimizing Marijuana as "Medicine"

Is Legalized Marijuana Inevitable?


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