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Keynote Speaker Jessica Nickel Addiction Policy Forum President/CEO

Coalition Academy 2017- "Strong Voices, Smart Choices"

Keynote speaker: Addiction Policy Forum President/CEO Jessica Nickel

Keynote topic: "Instilling Universal Prevention in the Context of Any Substance Abuse Epidemic"

Thank you to the attendees and presenters who joined us at this year's Coalition Academy which was held on September 26 at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio.

Presentation topics were: 

Advancing Prevention- Jessica Nickel

Using the Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey in Prevention- Dr. Bonnie Hedrick

Coalition Building In Low Income Communities- Ivan Juzang

How To Effectively Engage/Retain Sectors- Brittany Sandidge

Tri-Ethnic Model in Carrying Out the SPF- Derek Longmeier

Cultural Norms, Beliefs and Attitudes and How They Impact Prevention- Misty Cole

Engaging Youth in Community Coalition Efforts- Krysta Bennett & Harim Ellis

Link Between AoD and Mental Illness- Michelle Pritchard

Using Primary Prevention with Youth Suicide Prevention- "Be Present" Campaign- Ivan Juzang

Understanding the Relationship Between Public Health & Prevention- Rebecca Stowe & Mary Ellen Kramer

Addiction Policy Forum President/CEO Jessica Nickel served as the keynote speaker. The Washington, D.C.-based Addiction Policy Forum is a diverse partnership of organizations, policymakers and stakeholders committed to working together to elevate awareness around addiction and to improve national policy through a comprehensive response. Nickel and the Addiction Policy Forum provided key guidance with the recent Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) and the House Opioid package. 

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Addiction Policy Forum Train the Trainer Team Leaders:


What is Addiction? (Video):

Objectives for the conference were: 

Attendees will develop ways to implement universal prevention in their community regardless of which substance abuse issue is impacting their region. 

Attendees will have a better understanding and improved skill set for indentifying current needs, resources and capacity for carrying out prevention.

Attendees will be able to tailor health and prevention-based strategies/interventions for the populations they want to reach. 

Three tracks were offered- beginner, intermediate and advanced. Workshops included youth coalition development, building coping skills in the context of suicide prevention, Tri-Ethnic Model's role in carrying out the Strategic Prevention Framework, the power of understanding public health and prevention together and how to develop substance abuse prevention in low-income communities.