Coalition Strategies


Center for Prevention Science Leadership Team

The primary function of the Center for Prevention Science Leadership Team is to provide leadership to ensure data-driven decision-making for effective prevention.The leadership team is responsible for:

  1. Reviewing comprehensive community assessments of youth substance abuse in the region.
  2. Monitoring the biennial Student Drug Use Survey process, analysis, findings, and dissemination.
  3. Reviewing evaluation on the effectiveness of the coalition to bring about communtity level change related to the identified youth substance abuse problems.
  4. Identifying and supporting research and publication opportunities related to longitudinal Student Drug Use Survey data.

Leadership Team Members

The volunteer members of this leadership team provide expertise and knowledge in the area of research and evaluation.

Leadership Team members include:

  • Dr. Bonnie Hedrick, Behavioral Health Consulting, Leadership Team Chair
  • Dr. Debbie Zorn, University of Cincinnati - Evaluation Services Center
  • Mark Carrozza, American Association of Family Physicians
  • Dr. Jennifer Chubinski, Interact for Health - Innovation and Learning
  • Dr. George Richardson, University of Cincinnati - College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
  • Dr. Bob Seufert, Miami University - Applied Research Center
  • Andrea De La Flor, Global Evaluation Solutions
  • Dr. Robbie Chaney, Brigham Young University - Health Science

Get Involved!

One person wanting to create change in their community, willing to give time, can bring great value to an organization. If you have a special interest in prevention science consider volunteering with this committee.

To find out more information, contact Nicole Schiesler, Director, Coalition Strategies, at 513-751-8000 or