Coalition Strategies


Center for Community Engagement Leadership Team

The primary function of PreventionFIRST!'s Center for Community Engagement Leadership Team is to provide leadership to build and strengthen the capacity of local neighborhoods so that all communities within our service region participate in a high impact coalition. The leadership team is responsible for:

  1. Assessing and monitoring the level of development among member coalitions across the region,
  2. Building the awareness, readiness, and capacity of community constituents to participate in a local neighborhood anti-drug coalition,
  3. Identifying and pursuing opportunities to address the identified gaps in development among member coalitions,
  4. Leveraging state and national resources for use on the regional level and through the local member coalitions, and
  5. Evaluating the effectiveness of local member coalitions to impact community change, in concert with the Research Committee. 

Leadership Team Members

The volunteer members of this leadership team provide expertise and knowledge in the area of community collaborations, substance abuse prevention, and non-profit management.

The Center for Community Engagement Leadership Team is co-chaired by a PreventionFIRST! Board of Trustee member:

  • Mary Makley Wolff- Coalition for a Drug-Free Clermont County

Committee members include:

  • Tommy Koopman- Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Warren and Clinton Counties
  • Kim Linkel- Coalition for a Drug-Free Batesville
  • Brittany Sandidge- Drug Free Action Alliance
  • Rebecca Stowe- Hamilton County Public Health
  • Laura Brinson,- Northern Kentucky Health Department
  • Sarah White- Campbell County Drug-Free Alliance

Get Involved!

One person wanting to create change in their community, willing to give time, can bring great value to an organization.  If you have a special interest in community development, consider volunteering for this committee.

To find out more information, contact Amanda Conn Starner, Manager, Local Coalition Development, at 513-751-8000 or